Lots Of Features

With liveevent.page we bring you the functions of a high-end landing page but at a reasonable price.
That’s why our software is fully packed with useful features to give you and your customers the best kind of experience.

Simple and easy to customize player page

Simple setup & maintenance-free operation

Perfectly integrates into your current workflow

Analytics and live viewer stats

Built-in message (Q&A) and interaction tools

Endless possibilities with all your favourite tools

How It Works

liveevent.page is an easy to understand and fast to use solution
to build professional landing pages for your livestreams.

Step 1

Set up a livestream at your favorite streaming service.

Step 2

Create your event on our platform.

Step 3

Design your landing page & insert the embed code.

Step 4

Share the link of your event-page with your audience.

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Integrate The
Tools You Already Use

liveevent.page is built to support your existing workflow.
So you can keep using all the tools and services you already use and love.

We don’t want you to change anything, except for looking more professional!

  • Use your preferred live streaming service.
    e.g. Vimeo, YouTube, Wowza, DaCast, Amazon, …
  • Add interaction tools you are used to.
    e.g. Slido, Google/Microsoft Forms, Vimeo Chat, Mentimeter, …

liveevent.page is a safe and secure landing page to bring your audience’s streaming experience to the next level.

We care about your data. No ads, no cross-site tracking, just our service.

Easy To Use
Safe & Secure
Fully Customizable

Why use liveevent.page?

Setting up and maintaining a website is overkill for most live streamed events, where the basic need is to provide a distraction-free, custom-branded viewing experience.
liveevent.page is easy to use and understand with no training or prior experience.

Built with focus on live streamed events

Our platform was built because we searched for a solution for quick and easy landing pages.
We built it based on our streaming experience to cover the common needs when live streaming an event.

Manage your landing page just in time

Control and edit your landing page without depending on other departments or external contractors to implement your changes.
Especially short notice changes are instantly done without any response time.

Simple setup & maintenance-free operation

Setting up a custom website can be a hassle. And even after setting it up, it requires maintenance to stay up-to-date and avoid security or compatibility issues.
Focus on your content and leave the rest to us.

Perfectly integrates into your current workflow

You can continue using all tools you already use. Choose your streaming provider, add your favorite interaction tools, and finally put all together on your custom-branded liveevent.page.

Pre-loaded with useful tools and analytics

We added solutions for the most common needs: Live viewer count, message (Q&A) tool, access control, a place for external tools, and more.
Even small helpers like “remote reloading” the player page can be helpful in some situations.

Distraction-free and custom-branded viewing experience

Let your viewers focus on what matters: Your content!
No “similar videos”, “subscribe pro”, …
We provide a simple and clean player page without any distractions, while you still can customize the look and feel.

100% Ad-free

We believe in an ad-free experience.
This is why neither your landing pages, the backend app, our website or anything else here will be a place for advertising.
In short: No ads!
This is our commitment.

Own and control your data

Your data will never be shared with or sold to any third-parties. It will never be monetized, mined and harvested. All data is only used for the purpose of providing our service.
Beautiful landing pages are our product - Not you!

Still not sure if liveevent.page
is the right tool for you?

Here are some interesting use cases from small to large scale:

Technology Service Provider,
Production Company

With the “flat rate” they can quickly create a professionally designed landing page for any project (and easily calculate the time needed for it). It is also perfect for projects with a tight budget since the workload is usually limited to a few minutes.
In addition, it is possible to react quickly to technical circumstances (e.g. changes to the streaming link, …).

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Event Agency,
Event Department

With our professional plan, an event agency has the advantage of being able to react quickly and efficiently to customer’s change requests without being dependent on external service providers like web designers (reaction time).
The live statistics also provide a good basis for range analysis.
Own websites or CMS systems are often costly to set up and very maintenance-intensive (e.g. Wordpress updates).

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Freelance Technician

The technician in a typical “basement studio” already has a basic streaming package (i.e. camera, encoder, PPT computer, …) and usually streams via YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, … or similar platforms.
The professional plan in an annual subscription allows him to offer a personalized landing page with little expenditure of time without exceeding the budget with individual programming / web design.

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Event host

For organizers with many events, the main advantage is a centralized, individualized solution for all online events.
The possibility of integrating external tools into the landing page means that the stream can be designed interactively.
Event hosts can order an individually adapted enterprise package where, for example, a template can be adapted to the company CI.

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Not ready for a free start?

Get a one-on-one look at liveevent.page with a live demo and let our experts answer your questions as we guide you through our platform. We can learn about your requirements and review ways liveevent.page can help you with your next live streaming event.