Technology Service Provider,
Production Company

The production company usually has an annual professional subscription.

With the “flat rate” they can quickly create a professionally designed landing page for any project (and easily calculate the time needed for it). It is also perfect for projects with a tight budget since the workload is usually limited to a few minutes.

In addition, it is possible to react quickly to technical circumstances (e.g. changes to the streaming link, …).

Event Agency,
Event Department

With our professional plan, an event agency has the advantage of being able to react quickly and efficiently to customer’s change requests without being dependent on external service providers like web designers (reaction time).

The live statistics also provide a good basis for range analysis.

Own websites or CMS systems are often costly to set up and very maintenance-intensive (e.g. Wordpress updates).

Freelance Technician

The technician in a typical “basement studio” already has a basic streaming package (i.e. camera, encoder, PPT computer, …) and usually streams via YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, … or similar platforms.

The professional plan in an annual subscription allows him to offer a personalized landing page with little expenditure of time without exceeding the budget with individual programming / web design.

Organizer, Event hosts

For organizers with many events, the main advantage is a centralized, individualized solution for all online events.

The possibility of integrating external tools into the landing page means that the stream can be designed interactively.

Event hosts can order an individually adapted enterprise package where, for example, a template can be adapted to the company CI.